Clean Energy from Wet Biomass

Genifuel Corporation produces equipment to make renewable fuels from wet organic material by a highly efficient process known as Hydrothermal Processing (HTP).    

The fuels our equipment produces are clean, safe, and economical.  The use of biologically-produced fuel causes no net increase in greenhouse gases.  We believe hydrothermal fuels are also the cheapest hydrocarbon biofuels which can be made today.

The Genifuel process starts with wet organic material, either photosynthetic biomass such as algae and other water plants, or other wet material such as food processing wastes, animal wastes, and human-generated wastes.  The process also works extremely well with wet wastes from other biofuel processes such as cellulosic ethanol production. 

Regardless of feedstock, the organic material is collected and then processed in the hydrothermal system, which achieves very fast conversion of more than 99% of the organic content of the wet biomass.  The system was developed by the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, (PNNL), part of the US Department of Energy.  Our technology is based on patents (pending) which we have developed, as well as on an exclusive worldwide license to patents developed by PNNL.

The output of the system is biocrude oil or natural gas, or both, depending on how the system is configured.  Essentially the hydrothermal process accomplishes in less than an hour what would take millions of years in nature.  The biocrude oil and methane gas are nearly identical to the natural fossil equivalents, except that they add no net new carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.

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